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A Letter from the President

Sarai Services Group (SSG) is a small business committed to providing quality consulting, training, and information technology services to government agencies and commercial communities. Our primary focus has been on building relationships, in both government and private industry,  that allow us to identify cost effective ways to provide the highest quality, impartial, independent advice and assessments for our customers' benefit. SSG provides a full spectrum of support ranging from routine day-to-day tasks all the way through the completion of large-scale support projects. Through our management strategy and outsourcing expertise, SSG has the skills, technology and expansive network required to assist our customers in achieving success using more effective processes. SSG strives to support our customers throughout the acquisition life cycle process, from initial concept to product design and fielding.

SSG was founded in 2013 to provide global acquisition support and consulting services in Contracting Management and Training, Program Management, Logistics Management, Information Technology Solutions and Testing. Sarai Services Group's executive management team brings over 150 years of acquisition experience (both military and commercial) to bear in our effort to expand our diverse capabilities and better serve our customers and clients. Sarai Services Group's concept and corporate culture is designed to mold the company into a performance driven organization with the vision of becoming the leading consultant experts in Acquisition Management, both within the military and commercial industries. We are committed to the highest quality support, consulting and training with unrivaled professionalism and integrity.

As the President, it is my privilege to serve you. I am excited to have you join our team of dedicated professionals and look forward to your contributions in making Sarai Service Group the premier organization in Mission Support.

Kind Regards,

J.Calvin Mitchell

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